Screened Topsoil

Stallion Soils is the company’s natural extension in the topsoil industry, providing quaintly soil mixtures and top-notch service to commercial, industrial and residential customers in the GTA and beyond.

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Screened Topsoil


50/50 Blend Topsoil


Premium Blend Topsoil




Winter Sand


Washed Sand


Septic Sand


Screened Sand


Sand Fill


Playground Sand


Modified Sand


Masonry Sand


Granular C


Fill Overburden


Concrete Sand


Cable Sand


Brick Sand


Bank Coarse B Sand


Asphalt Sand


¼” Gravel Screenings


¼” Chip Stone


Screened B – Type 1


Pea Gravel


HL8 Washed Concrete Stone


HL6 Stone


HL3 Washed Stone


Granular M


Granular B


Granular A


¾” Clear Gravel


4-8” Riverstone


2-4” Riverstone


Oversize Stone


RAP Recycled Asphalt


2” CERCA Recycled Crusher Run


2” CERCA Recycled – CLEAN select


¾” CERCA Recycled Crusher Run


¾” CERCA Recycled – CLEAN select


Granular O


5/8” Clear Limestone


3/8” Clear Limestone


¼” Screenings


HL6 Limestone


2” Crusher Run Limestone


2” Clear Limestone


¾” Crusher Run Limestone


¾” Clear Limestone


Rip Rap Limestone


Armour Stone


6” Gabion Stone


4-6” Crusher Run Limestone


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